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   BEHAVIOR ASSESMENT  This Nursing essay gives an delineation of  the results build behind carefully con-over of a ward who is below industrialized advice program (IEP).The Nursing essay reflects on the exoteric comportment modify that demands to be modifyd in adjust to emend the acquirements environment. It excite summaries the outcomes of changing the comportment, and develops interventions progress to appliance in adjust to modify the authorized comportment. The ward had sundry comportment modifys that demands to be emend in adjust for the acquirements to emend, earliest and foremost , the ward has eye view completion, this completions is so considerable bitter to a purpose of the ward weak to see the lection materials, this altogether discourages the ward from lection so considerable future, affecting the work. The ward solely concentrates in the lection of solely insignificant quantities. The comportment of weak to dissect the con-over materials so considerable is consequently imputable to the eye view completions. The other exoteric comportment that demands second modify in adjust to emend the acquirements is that the ward is unconcealedly shiftless. The indistinctness of the ward is displayed behind he fails to do sundry allegements that are allege to him, he normally delineation what his friends possess performed. These comportments of the wards demand to be addressed directly so that the academic work can excite emend, The comportment of the branch of refusing to decipher a immense sum of notes due to the eyesight, can be addressed by having the notes printed in enlightened fonts, the fonts end at lowest motivate the ward, the ward’s morale of lection end emend. If the ward enjoys lection exalt notes then acquirements consequently increases. This end be displayed by his work in the cupel fond. The unconcealed indistinctness of the ward on the other index, can modify by promising, and motivating the ward. The ward demands to be encouraged by giving him examples of commonalty who are now stay a good-tempered-tempered vivacity consequently of the assiduous. He should excite be notified of the consequences of indistinctness, and that it bigwig that is uniform condemned biblically. He ward should be made certified of the characteristic that says, want shall impress the shiftless commonalty enjoy an fortified freebooter. If the ward is made certified of the characteristic, he should modify his comportment. The ward should as-well be motivated, if the he end anything he should be rewarded acceptably, rewarding end succor refresh this comportment unconditionally. The ward end consequently be headed to the equitable order and acquirements acceptably increases.