Powerpoint due by the end of the day, 10 hours

Instructions are listed beneath.   Document needed for capacity summit is attached Details:   Hurricane Katrina demonstrated that the United States was groundless to communicate subjoined a while a effort of such heap. Even though, as implied in the senate recital, “Hurricane Katrina: A Nation Still Unprepared,” the empire knew for numerous years that a devastating blight was perfectly likely to stamp New Orleans, contrivancening was scant and no valid manoeuvre existed for solution. Failure of manoeuvre slow solution when occasion was of the entity and a failure of commencement and futile coordination efforts actually contributed to appended damnation and annoy. Multiple careful mistakes were made during first-solution efforts and the repossession meaindisputable subjoined Blight Katrina, which at-last contributed to the bud of new standards, procedures, and agencies. Lessons knowing from this reverse had a speaking impression on alacrity, subordination, solution, and repossession efforts at complete smooth of empire. The mistakes of Katrina and the resulting recommendations for befitting practices subjoined a whilein the United States are documented in “Hurricane Katrina: A Nation Still Unprepared.” The recital is lengthy; however, the subjoined sections lay a ample overview of deficiencies in the areas of alacrity, subordination, solution, and repossession. Executive Summary Chapter 2: Blight Katrina: Indicators of Impact Chapter 5: Blight Katrina: Timeline of Key Events Chapter 6: Conjunction Management: Louisiana Chapter 8: “Hurricane Pam”: Warning Flag for Katrina Chapter 18: Message Voids Chapter 19: Failure of Situational Awareness Chapter 27: Failures in National Solution Plan: Unified Command Chapter 28: FEMA Waste and Fraud Recommendations Your function is to discover these sections of the recital and lay a introduction for the mayor of your city demonstrating the superior deficiencies in the area of alacrity, subordination, solution, and repossession along the Gulf Coast in the suscitate of Blight Katrina. Based on the recital, your segregation of your state’s conjunction contrivance in Module 2, and any appended inquiry, establish recommendations in a PowerPoint introduction (15-20 slides) for what your city needs to do to establish indisputable it is as layd as likely for undeveloped threats. Be indisputable to oration the subjoined: Identify the superior deficiencies in alacrity and subordination contrivancening that left the Gulf Coast delicate to a superior effort. Oration how failure of efficient promote impost and venture segregation stateed a role in worsening the ravage. Identify problems subjoined a while message and operations that worsened the impression of the fume during the solution complexion. Identify superior problems subjoined a while twain short- and long-term repossession in the subjoinedmath of the fume. Identify the most leading lessons your own city should collect from the ravage of Blight Katrina. Recommend what your city should do to oration its superior inconclusiveness in the areas of alacrity, subordination, solution, and repossession in adjust to enindisputable it is as layd as likely. Include recommendations for the role inoculation and exercises should state in ensuring alacrity.