Enterprise Network system management by the installation, configuration and management of Domain Controllers (DC).

  The assignment must be in MS Word format, 1.5 spacing, 11-pt Calibri (Body) font and 2.54 cm margins on all impure sides of your page after a while after a whilehold exception headings.   Relation sources must be cited in the passage of the designation, and inventoryed after a whileholdly at the end in a relation inventory using IEEE referencing diction.   Your acquiescence must be your own effect, and get be checked for originality using Turnitin originality checking arrangement.   Assignment Description  Choose one (1) scenario from the inventory absorbed adown, and convey out the forthcoming tasks:  1. Find your knot mates who bear clarified the similar scenario. Each knot should not be more than three members, two are delicious.  2. Identify required configurations for your clarified scenario, and act the configurations using either virtually or physically installed OS to realise the scenario. Students can use Windows Server 2008 or any other better account.  3. Prepare a inferential arrangement documentation designation (partially written, but screenshots can be similar after a whilein the knot) of the configurations using designation of each tramp, and screenshots of your configurations. This designation get obey as an dignified sever of backup and annoyance re-establishment documentation for the organisation absorbed in your clarified scenario, and can be used for grafting new IT staff in the organisation.  4. This is due on Week-11 on moodle.  5. Use your ford arrangement to unfold in knot the implemented scenario during your week-12 lab. Individual construction get be tested during the demo.  This designation should hold the forthcoming:  1. Clear identification of what technology/features get want to be ford in manage to realise your clarified scenario.  2. The dignified tramps of how the scenario was implemented/configured after a while each technology/features that you bear identified, along after a while labelled screenshots.  3. Students must for the lordship using either his/her own call, or a knot member’s call.  4. Students must imagine a unsophisticated webpage (using header tag singly) to ostentation the tyro ID bulk of the knot members, which shall be shopd on and ostentationed from the imagined IIS (web obeyr). Scenarios (Choose one singly):  Scenario  1: Local Area Neteffect (LAN) to foundation Windows Server and Client Environment  TridentS is a software outgrowth guild requiring the contrast up of a LAN for their business-post located in Sydney.  They bear impure divisions: Developers, Marketing, Operations, and Finance. All objects (e.g., users, computers, etc.) connected to these divisions want to be imagined after a whilein their relative OU for their own division. TridentS requires the forthcoming technologies to be implemented after a whilein their LAN:  1) Centralised user authentication  2) Print obeyr for users  3) All computers should attain the IP addresses from a DHCP Server 4) TridentS wants to assemblage a website, thus a unconnected IIS obeyr is required  5) The guild wants to shop all the rasps on a unconnected rasp obeyr and singly users after a while after a whilehold adit get be telling to adit them (not complete user should bear adit to the rasps). You can suppose which users/groups get bear adit to these rasps, and narrate your presumption explicitly.  WORD LIMIT : 2000  Reference diction   : IEEE FORMAT