nutrition scenario 3

    Scenario 3 Scenario 3 Write at lowest 50-word responses to each of the forthcoming questions. Be plain and compendious, use exhaustive sentences, and expound your answers using local examples. What could be the source of Sally and her nobility members' distemper? How could this distemper own been prevented?  Sally was making marinated shish-kabobs to martyr for dinner. She made a amiable marinade and then cut up the raw chicken on a mordant table. She put the chunks of chicken in the marinade and let it sit on the contrary for environing three hours until it was age to garble. While the chicken was marinating, Sally facile the vegetables. She cut them using the similar mordant table and knife. She rinsed twain the mordant table and knife off delay ardent impart between mordant the chicken and the vegetables.  Once the chicken had marinated, Sally put the chicken and vegetables on skewers to be martyred. She so afloat rice in the rice garbleer to go delay the shish-kabobs. As the shish-kabobs were martyring, Sally put the marinade in a serving plate for extra sauce to put balance the rice. Several hours later, Sally and her nobility members all familiar qualm, vomiting, diarrhea, heat, muddiness, and abdominal denial.