Write a 750-800 account essay from one of the subject-matter listed beneath. The primeval 250 accounts page, elucidate your subject-matter for the contrivance.  Explain how it is apt to network defence.  Be as bright as you can in elucidateing your subject-matter by using examples, software, hardware, etc 1. Is Biometric System More Secure? 2. Can Quantum Computer Become a Reality and Offer Better Network Security? 3. Is Apple Really Virus Proof? 4. Reasons Behind Increasing Cyber Crimes 5. Why Poor Cyber Defence for Mobile Environments Is Threatening on a Global Level 6. How Can Poor Network Defence Be Responsible for Terrorism? 7. How Changing Network Defence Plans More Often Contribute Towards a Safer Connection 8. What Role Has NASA Played in Providing Future Research Ideas Related to Privacy and Security? 9. A Research Paper on Why Cyber Criminals Attack Government Organizations 10. How did Snowden Revolutionize the World of Defence by Leaking NSA’s Information? 11. Is There a Need to Worry About Network Security? 12. Is Ethical Hacking a Danger For Us? 13. What Punishments Are Available to Cyber Criminals 14. Is Your Data Secure in the Cloud? 15. Are Some Countries More Secure Than Others? 16. Impact of Cyber Defence Vulnerability on Organizations 17. How Businesses Are Protecting Against Cyber Criminals 18. Do All Cyber Criminals Want Money? 19. Should Banks be Provided More Network Defence than Organizations? 20. Would the World Be a Better Place If Every Individual Is Granted a Right to Privacy?