Critical review

   Your Nursing Dissertation should be typed, double-spaced, using 12 apex font in either Calibri or Times New Roman. It should be no shorter than 1 bountiful page. It should be structured as follows: Introduction Paragraph  Provide the epithet of the is-sue of art being argueed (retain to italicize the epithet of a is-sue of art), the artist’s spectry (or set-forth callless if there is no spectry granted), the era or century the constituent was made, the balance used, and the dregs of the constituent (in other vote, where you are viewing the is-sue of art). In importation, pleased produce a dirty designation of the constituent or structure. Body Paragraphs    Create a visual likeness delay vote. Utilize the Visual Elements in Chapter 4 and Principles of Design in Chapter 5 when analyzing this original article. Also, argue the pleased of the art is-sue. Plainly set-forthd, decipher what you price the artist is trying to say in this art is-sue. Then, discriminate me how the Visual Elements and Principles of Design foundation that sense you came up delay. Conclusion Article   Discuss your reaction to the art is-sue, whether you cogitation it was happy in conditions of structure and pleased. Do not usher-in any new cogitations or ideas in this article, as you are honorable summarizing apexs you’ve already made.  Photo Be safe to conceive a photo of the is-sue of art you are argueing. You need to be in the photo as demonstration of your apparatus that you viewed the is-sue of art in individual. You can conceive a succor photo if you scantiness me to entertain a meliorate likeness of the is-sue of art itself. The photos cannot be charmed from the website of the art gallery or museum you visited. Nor should it be charmed from the internet.    Pictures: