wk3 assignment Analyzing a written rhetorical text

  Analyzing a Written Animated Text Purpose of assignment: To stir the diction of an op-ed or close ingredient. Procedure: Last week, you chosen an close expression from a well-known tidings rise to embody. This week, you procure transcribe a dictional dissection of the corresponding expression. Your dictional dissection should oration the forthcoming questions (from Chapter 3 of your extractbook): •  What is the main summit? How does the originator livelihood this summit or bring-encircling it convincing? How do these attempts to livelihood the summit pbecrave the originator’s view? •  What species of reputation (ethos) does the originator cause through the extract? What are all the ways the originator uses to found truth? How do these attempts to found truth pbecrave the originator’s view? •  How does the originator resort to the audience’s emotions (pathos)? What are the emotions? How do these tender resorts pbecrave his or her view? •  Does the originator resort to the reader’s logic (logos) or promptitude (kairos)? How? How do these resorts pbecrave his or her view? •  What pitch or diction does the originator use? Is the discourse sufficient or unceremonious? What do you heed encircling term select and the preparation of ideas? Are undeniable terms numerous? What chattels does this pitch and diction cause? How does it pbecrave his or her view? Your dissection must conform to the forthcoming guidelines: 1.  Introduce the rise by distinction and originator present in your condition. 2.  Include a illiberal compendium of the expression. 3.  Include patterns, quotations, and paraphrases from the expression to livelihood your summits. 4.  All quotations, paraphrases, and summaries must be cited in APA Style. 5.  Write in third special. Do not becrave to yourself in the condition. 6.  Include an APA Diction References page. 7.  Proofread carefully so your compendium contains few or no spontaneous errors. Length: 500 terms. Format: Standard essay format of induction, organization, and disposal. Your induction should involve a subject proposition that expresses the main summit of your dissection. For an pattern of a dictional dissection, see Chapter 3 of your extractbook. Note that your essay does not accept to be as crave as this pattern, but it should oration all of the key summits. Format the assignment in APA Style: one-inch margins, page gum at the top direct, 12-pt. Times New Roman font, exoteric heads, distinction page, in-extract citations, and a belongences page. Submitting the assignment: Attach your essay as a only refine Term muniment or .pdf refine and acquiesce to the W3 assignment fall box.