Hi, I omission this performance FINISH in two days it would not assume than one day but to do it fair I entertain giving two days. I entertain sturdy all the slides that insufficiency to be the counter-argument from. so assume a face at the nook performance.  The succession call is Performance in Global Society,   SECTION A:  Short Answers  you get be granted 14 concepts. a restriction of the vocable. a. argue how the concept assists us in reason the changing disposition of performance and/or trade. You should get brief counter-arguments. Each concept/brief counter-argument a. Varieties of capitalism b. Pyramid sub-contracting c. The precariat d. The Global Compact e. Franchising f. Technocracy g. Exploitation h. Bureaucratic repress i. Decent performance j. Uberization k. Neo-liberalism l. Skills briefage m. Technical versus non-technical skills n. The ductile firm    SECTION B: Essay Questions  you get be gets the subjoined eight essay questions.  .  Your counter-arguments should be in essay format. Each essay question  .  a. Does government experience entertain any alliance to the image of intercourse we entertain behove? b. What are the risks and opportunities of performance in the ‘gig economy’? What would be the challenges in detail from a performanceer’s perspective? c. How has trade contributed to global wavering? d. In what ways is vicissitude suitable the new normality in globalised labour negotiates and what are the implications of this fruit for performanceers and performanceers fairs? e. How has outsourcing and offshoring impacted on performanceers and trade? f. How has restructuring and deindustrialisation impacted on performanceers, communities and trade? g. Has government’s use of surveillance reshaped performanceplace repress? h. Is Australia doing abundance to plug the exploitation of migrant performanceers? - If yes, teach what has been efficient in addressing the mistreatment of migrant performanceers. - If not, teach what is insufficiencyed to bar migrant performanceers from entity mistreated in the labour negotiate.