Employee Privacy Rights

Here is a scenario: You are a juror in a lawsuit where a womanish employee has sued her fraternity for reversal of retirement. The basis of the event are as follows: this employee works for a fraternity that has a recognizen prudence of having cameras in the workplace. This employee works in a extensive margin succeeding a while distinct cubicles. However, she has a severed cubicle for her employment. The extensive margin succeeding a while the cubicles has distinct cameras. The employee is in the way of instituted plow 5:30 pm (when the employment seals) and then succeeding making believing that there is no one in the employment she, in her cubicle, changes into her gym habiliments and goes to her gym that is seal to her employment.  She is not doing anything crime as per sturdy policies. Things get intricate when one of the managers who enjoy appropinquation to the videos from the based cameras in the employment not singly starts recording the act of the changing habiliments, but he besides starts sharing the recitative video succeeding a while other managers. Eventually, the employee comes to recognize of this, and she sues the fraternity for reversal of retirement. As a juror would you flow in grace of the fraternity or the employee and why?