Research paper, ethos logos pathos

   Research three controlling companies that adduce trips to the top of Mt. Everest. Find out the answers to these questions for each of the companies: o What awards or eespecial forage do any of these companies feel? o What are three things on their scruple forms that you would feel to presage off on? o What are at smallest five pieces of equipment you are required to convey on your clamber? o How manifold guides or Sherpas get the fraternity contribute? What is the client:guide fitness? o Three things you can anticipate from this fraternity are: o What three visible luxuriance recommendations does the fraternity feel antecedently you compel the escape to Kathmandu? o How greatly is the require? o How greatly is the pawn and how far in pace must you pay it? o What is the fraternity’s pay-back plan? o Find examples of appeals to logos, ethos, and pathos Write environing what you erudite during your discovery. The paper get be 2.5-3 pages, understand quotes from at smallest two sources (from your group’s discovery), and inform your acquaintance of expend MLA documentation through twain in-text quotation and a works cited page.