A Strategic Approach to Enterprise Risk Management at Zurich Insurance Group

   Topic: Chapter 14 – “A Strategic Way to Enterprise Facilitate Administration at Zurich Insurance Group” http://3.droppdf.com/files/l545g/implementing-enterprise-risk-management.pdf Overview: This predicament consider focuses on how Zurich uses a abnormity of methodologies and tools to husband its affair facilitate. Zurich's facilitate profiling is a focused and disciplined way to identifying, assessing, and monitoring holistic facilitates and proficiency actions needed. By embedding this methodology into its facilitate amelioration, this has aided secure its facilitate husbandment amelioration is congruous and telling opposing its manifold affair units. More advice on Zurich's Strategic Facilitate Administration is-sue can be ground at https://www.zurichna.com/en/risk Please teach the following: 1) How do Zurich ERM tools aid them rectify know their strong and emerging facilitates? 2) How are Zurich’s facilitate roles and responsibilities impacting their facilitate amelioration? 3) Provide at meanest two examples of how Zurich has created new treasure through their ERM program.