Accounting Cycle

Financial statements are a work of the accounting cycle.  Think environing two incongruous companies: a manufacturing concourse, and a retail concourse.  Why would incongruous companies bear incongruous accounting cycles?  Would you anticipate the steps of the accounting cycle to be the similar for each concourse?  Why, or why not?  Please produce a hearsay pattern of a concern action akin to specie voucher or made a sale on merit. Please be abiding that you are cogent to identify the two accounts impacted. Why is it expressive to proceedings your clarified action?  a. What is an Account, what is Accrual Accounting? Why not righteous use the elementary specie foundation? What are some of the benefits of using accrual accounting?  b. What is the adjusting rule? Which accounts need to be adjusted? Why is it expressive to conclude these updates? c. What is the dissonance between a fiscal year and a unless concern year? d. When is produce generally ordinary in the accounting proceedingss? e. Please elucidate the matching principle f. What is meant by the term Accounting Cycle?      Please be abiding do some elaboration delayout your textbook (use your textbook as a lection regulate) on this very expressive argument question by visiting incongruous websites and divide your thoughts and ideas less delay each other.