Assignment: Be sure to review the Week 1 Application rubric for full details on the criteria that your Instructor will use to grade your work. For this assignment, you will need to:

Using the readings and your own experiences as starting points, purpose encircling the qualities you ignore and do not ignore in guides. Ancona et al. (2007) discussed how guides must adjust their strengths and weaknesses to be serviceable, frequently perplexing for them delay abundant competing demands on their occasion and accommodation. Maccoby (2004) tendd that guides frequently keep narcissistic personalities, which can rule their serviceableness and the serviceableness of their attendant. Kellerman (2004) claimed that guides do not frequently have specific qualities that set them away from others. She formal that “leaders are enjoy the interval of us: firm and fraudulent, discourteous and investigate, narrowminded and generous” (p. 45). Identify one guide you ignore delayout naming the guide and his/her construction. Write a shabby patronymic of the guide you signed, including the levels of force and rule that this guide achieved. List and narrate at last five qualities that you most coadjutor delay the guide. Within your defense, understand whether or not these qualities can be taught to an specific, are ‘born’ into an specific, or a consortment of twain. Evaluate whether or not the force, rule, and qualities you narrated tend to the guide’s serviceableness.  2 Pages in APA format and must understand epithet page and relation roll. Due in 6  1/2hours