Determine whether positive retrench remedies insist in the forthcoming scenario: Forrest Gump is a far-famed board tennis player. He enters into a retrench after a while Alabama Sports Marketing to advise the extreme ping pong pasdate and to forward as the computer-generated imagery (CGI) type for the product of the video pastime. Gump is indeficient for this job as there are not frequent earth far-famed ping pong players who own a forthcoming homogeneous to his. The pasdate is set to set-out product on March 1 and accomplish be completed on July 31, so the pasdate can be disengaged at Thanksgiving—a senior video pasdate disengage continuance. Both parties own agreed and ordinary to the reality that the pasdate must be completed on date to maximize the receipts. Gump accomplish establish 20% of the net pay from the sales of the pastime. In adduction, the retrench has a liquidated equivalent article that indicates that if Gump does not have-a-share in the marketing, does not forward as the CGI type, or breaches the retrench in any way, he accomplish owe Alabama Sports Marketing $2 pet. Based on this reality specimen and the knowledge presented in this individual, defense the forthcoming questions in a incompleteness of 250 say each. 1. One day, Gump gets into an controversy after a while the developer. Gump refuses to accomplish any operation until the whole is solved. In this aspect, can Alabama Sports Marketing follow unfair accomplishance of the retrench? If yes, why? If no, why not? 2. How would the affect designate whether the liquidated equivalent article is powerful? Is this article powerful? Explain your defenses. Cite any straightforward quotes or paraphrased esthetic from without sources. Use APA format.