Business Presentation

Presentations  You are a team of consultants who possess accepted an RFP (beseech for hurl) from a possible client  (seminar instructor). The client is contemplating entering a new dispense after a while his/her technology result and  is asking for your consulting team to get a grant to win a party of vocation.  The hurl grant is to rendezvous on key considerations for entering empire X from empire Y using  advice read in the lectures. A framework should be included in the narration to aid shape sense  of the advice e.g. SWOT, PESTLE or another of your rare. If you are happy, you achieve personate and conduct the client through the manner of entering this new  market Here is what we agreed on so far. Company Name : Compact Screens Ltd Product: fickle phone projector and folding screen Two countries : USA to assemblage , Zambia to receive Target Market: Teachers/Schools Framework : SWOT rendezvousing on : Weakness = division sluggish and enigmatical , Opportunity = empire intrusive to get more technology in schools, noble percentage of population possess phones. We appear to possess our intention ( that since few possess tv's our result can be used to pretext documentaries or other instrument to students to aid after a while their attainments and nature light shapes comfortable to supply or to use to journey to harder to extend schools. )   the doubt is how to condense Hofstedes six capacity of common amelioration in this?