Topic 1: Based on the texts by Kafka and Eliot, (answerableness on one or the other or twain), argue how the writers appear precarious of present culture, as they describe present man as a precise official who fears an sharp detriment of agility and personality, as well-behaved-mannered-mannered as the force to finish fact and enjoyment, overpower by the dehumanizing forces of industrialization and capitalism in post-WWI Europe.  OR Topic 2: Read the Dada Manifesto and the google artwork by Marcel Duchamp, René Magritte, Salvador Dalí, Francis Picabia, and Giorgio de Chirico, incomplete other Dada and surrealist artists. Explain how Dada and surrealism mirror the feelings of a culture bybygone mad succeeding the wreck of WWI. If the ages of skill and conclude and diligence led to the mayhem and abstinence of that war, these artists asked, why should anyone possess belief in logic, conclude, or the picturesqueness of art when duration appears so bearing, waste, and touched? Notice how these artists select to perpend the cosmos-people of dreams and the ignorant than the manner cosmos-people of extrinsic, plain duration. Response must be 400 words Use local ideas from the readings to patronage  ideas, level if a topic calls for using beyond sources as well-behaved-mannered. Be trusting to call all sources twain in the association of your acceptance to the topics and at the end as Works Cited entries to forsake plagiarism.