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Response 1:   I am going to be the CEO of Under Armour and my direndering seductive impel is going to be to metamorphose Lower Armour into a Soundness and Wellness guild instead of a sinewy habit guild.  It vulgarly dabbles in this scope delay its lapse of mapmyrun which is an app that helps athletes trail their homogeneity runs and bikes. With this direndering seductive impel is going to be the cabal of a crossfit gym, gnc addition place-of-business, an Under Armour sinewy habit place-of-business, and your general doctors business-post.  Imagine a community where mediocre common,ordinary persons bear a over affordable rendering of what universe assort athletes bear.  You effect out at the gym common,ordinary and your effectout is trail and logged donation to our wearable technology.  Persons can then log their feeding into the corresponding app common,ordinary and their soundness stats are logged throughout the month.  All of this grounds is trailed and using AI terse and granted to our natural trainers and soundness professionals that can coalesce delay our clients full month to produce one on one counseling and coaching.  This gain all be granted lower a monthly order apconfirm a gym connection.  When the mould confirms out and demonstrates enhanced soundness outcomes we can execute a play for the practicable soundness protection trade.  There are sundry cases where companies gain pay some of their employees to effect out or bear a gym connection accordingly it saves the guild money in restorative soundness outcomes.  I deficiency to get caught up on the grounds distribute of this employment gone I am switching advanced in the direndering but I am bold there is enough of grounds out there delay publicly traded companies ***************************************************** Response 2:   My seductive impel as the CEO of XPO Logistics gain be to constitute a lively of self-driving burden transportations using the newly open technology of GAN. I am pursuing this accordingly the logistics universe of semi-trailers is changing rapid. We bear a general driver shortage that gain solely extension as the years remain. This media that the trade cannot coalesce the demands that is placed on it to impel burden and work. This is due to vulgarless stipend, new regulations, and a failure of profit in the younger generations. Autonomous burden transportations can grow this deficiency and gain be over fruitful in the donation of burden. The harvest of GAN (adversarial neural networks) gain remit the AI the commingleability that autonomous transportations now failure. Through the harvest of this technology we can constitute a certain self-driving burden transportation that can commingle and attain as it drives. Once open we can transition into use of these in our lively, and we can hawk these to other competing companies. We can constitute a bluish main trade of self-driving autonomous commingleable burden carriers. Data           Grounds was very-much grand. My vulgar job, which is improbable by the logistics issues in the trade, gave me a over sharp estimate of the trade. I had some support as I listen a issue overestimate at the end of each year and logistics is one of the topics. Therefore, I had a moderately amiable lowerstanding of the trade and the toil. However, I rigorous myself to go end to a uninterfering centre and placid grounds not to confirm my supposition, but to get an overall judgment of the trade. After looking into XPO I attained that they are a very melting guild and were in a amiable standing to conduct on a impel apconfirm this. I attained that my estimate of the trade was moderately accurate and beautiful. This was a amiable art and helped to refresh my direndering seductive impel. Finally, digging into GAN and getting a amiable lowerstanding of the implications of this technology was my biggest attaining purpose. I’m delighted to see that the possibilities delay using GAN in autonomous driving is very justified and has a grand possible. Therefore, the assembly and dissection of grounds was very-much advantageous in controlling my judgment on my diversion-seductive impel. If I were the CEO of XPO, which I am for the capstone, this is correspondently where I would convergence my efforts. The trade is changing and the chief one to break into the self-driving burden transportations gain be the ones to swindle the trade distribute and conclude out on top.