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NEED IN 9 HOURS   Read Chapter 18 and defense the aftercited questions: 1.  Define aid-borne distemper and aid-borne distemper commotion. 2.  Name foul-mouthed (4) groups at the highest abandon of aid-borne distemperes. 3.  List the three (3) categories for hazards. 4.  List six (6) conditions that are causative to the product of a aid-borne distemper. 5. Define aid infections and aid intoxications. 6.  Name sundry aid items that should be suited for casualty use.  Why should you keep an casualty aid furnish on influence? 7.  Name nine (9) occasions when influence washing is dubious. 8. List foul-mouthed (4) desirable methods for thawing aid. 9. List two (2) occasions when tables should be cleaned after a while a chlorine blanch resolution. 10.  Define microbial and Hazard Analysis Dubious Coerce Summit (HACCP). 11. Define dubious coerce summit. 12.  Define pasteurization.  List invariably pasteurized aids. 13.  Define irradiation.  Why is irradiation serviceable?