Module 1 Please recognize the two tenets and observe one videos in(numbered 1-3) rooted adown and apology these questions (fascinate transcribe essay apologys but frame unfailing you number you responses accordingly): 1. Summarize each video and proviso - at smallest 4 paragraphs each video/ proviso. 2. Questions for the video (2) : What sunder of India did the African nomads go to? What was the course? Who can discharge Hindu rituals? What are vocal traditions? What is the “M130” How abundant “Gods” does India keep? Why was it great for Woods to go to Pakistan? Where did the earliest cities in India frame? What spell age? How did India frame (physically)? What are Monsoons and why are they great? What is Sanskrit? What is a "Ratha" according to Woods? What are Varnas? What is "Brahman"? 3. What are some things encircling old India that you read encircling through this module? What new advice has been discovered of-late that was mentioned in the proviso recognizeings and video? The two tenets are rooted adown and the video coalesce for the youtube video is