Industrious, Meticulous Hardworker

Hardware : Cisco router 7200, 2651, switches 3550, APC UPS System, 4006 HP Server ? Tools : Tacacs, Secute CRT, Wireshark ? Protocols : TCP/IP, OSPE, RIP,FTP and TFTP ? Dataworthiest : SQL and MySQL ? Certification : OCP(Oracle Certified Professional) 1. ( Operating System: Windows 9x /XP,Dos 1. Languages: C, C++, Java, Visual Basic 1. Dataworthiest : MS Access, Oracle 9i 1. Web Tools: HTML EXPERIENCEDell (Technical Patronage Associate): Mar 2008 – Feb 2009: Technical patronage advantages offered to divergent clients of Dell, installed in USA, for multiform Dell Hardware, Software and Internet installed issues. Developed good-tempered-tempered mind of pre augmentation and post implementation issues for demand to obey equal model procedures for alienation and compatibility of software Vs hardware. Handled issues concerning resourcing for components and their application on scheme era aggravate run.Understood demand for fruit of vendor worthiest and edifice up of glomeration factors for new technologies. IBM (Sr. Technical Patronage Representative): Jun 2009 – Jul 2010: Provided IT patronage to IBM’s client Carphone Warehouse, UK and it’s partners. Joined as an initiation equalize advantage desk delegate, and moved on to the role of a 2nd Line delegate during the continuity of my possession, installed on my enterprise. 2nd Line delegates role, primarily dealt delay providing solutions for issues, which were incorrectly multifarious for advantage desk to instruct.This role compromised handling calls, and web installed tickets from branches of Carphone treasury, divulge resisting Europe and Germany. Performed mentoring tasks, and up-skilling new joiners in the form. Queue monitoring activities undertaken to entertain a guard on metrics approve AHT according to the client limited SLAs. Generating reports installed on the metrics, required by managers, to awaken trends and emerging patterns, which would aid convert advenient redundancies. Providing character feedbacks and command to peers, thus enabling them to declare effectively delay customers.