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2 paragraphs each delay references  1. "Agility and  Business Regularity Management (BPM)" Please corcortally to the following: Suppose that an construction did not use regularityes that were adapted and built to be nimble, especially when it comes to IS / IT technologies. Predict the contact of environmental changes on an construction financially, socially, and in conditions of survivability. A BPM standard may acceleration manipulate and streamline IT regularityes that are inadequately manually effected. Examine one work manual regularity (i.e., dissipation classify laudation) and offer two BPM standards that would rearrange the regularity. Mention the IT resources that you would exercise to automate the regularity (i.e., electronic documents instead of monograph documents). 2. "The Contact of Crowdsourcing" Please corcortally to the following: Dell’s Ideastorm, Best Buy’s IdeaX, New York city’s Simplicity, and Samuel Adams’ Facebook collision to mention the direct odor of beer are a few of the examples that use crowdsourcing. From this week's video, assess whether ideasourcing generates the best innovative ideas for a vocation or construction. Clear-up why or why not.  Suppose that you recently artificial a important sum of money and scantiness to endow in some form of vocation. Mention whether or not you would use crowdsourcingto mention the form of vocation you endow in. Predict whether the use of crowdsourcing to picked your form of vocation would be luckless or auspicious, and clear-up why or why not.