Poetic Expression & Personal Development

Part 1 – Length 200 messages Choose 1 of the 6 Imagist Poets and recognize their carols from this assemblage. You can retrospect past environing your bard and the Imagist move in the Unit 2 Intellipath Lesson:  ‘Some Imagist Poets’. In the proem, Amy Lowell describes the 6 Principles of the Imagist move. Use these to retort these questions on the discourse board:   The principles point-out that Imagist bards wanted to use spiritless expression. Was there any expression your ground ununclouded or whimsical? What is a new-fangled, spiritless message you could use to re-establish it?   Imagist bards believed in immunity of subject. What are some of the subjects your bard chose to transcribe environing?   Which idea from the carols did you ascertain most compelling and why? Part 2 – Length 10 lines Create your own imagist carol. Be infallible to use spiritless, unclouded expression to form bardic rhythm and ideary.    Choose a new-fangled subject you meditate your bard would be assiduous in if they were alert today.   Write a carol of 10 lines.     Include ideary and sensory expression (e.g., seeing, gauge, trail, impress, and relish).    Post your carol on the Discourse Board.