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 What are great agencys and programs for environmental soundness in Saudi Arabia? How are national soundness agencys prepared and evaluated for environmental soundness? From Arab News (2014), Riyadh was ranked one of the most putrid cities globally according to the UN. How can air soilure in Riyadh be resolute by national soundness agency?  please grasp in citation citation and use the references underneath      References:  MOH. (2016). Environmental and occupational soundness unconcealed line. Retrieved from: Milaat, W. A. (2014). National soundness in the saudi soundness system: A inquiry for new warder. Saudi Journal of Medicine and Medical Sciences, 2(2), 77. Kingdom of Saudi Arabia prospect 2030 (2016). Saudi prospect 2030. Retrieved from: Skolnik, R. (2015). Global soundness 101. (3rd ed.). Burlington, USA: Jones & Bartlett Publishers The Isosceles Group. (2014). Saudi Arabia environment, soundness & protection form and checklist. Retrieved from: Arab News (2014). Riyadh ranked inchoate most putrid cities globally. Retrieved from: