Rough Draft/Final Paper Persuasive Essay on Cyberbullying

Write an discussion/persuasive essay on some expounquestioning of political media that you handle strongly environing. Paper should be at lowest 1000 signification (4 FULL pages) and conglutinate examination from 3-5 springs, one of which must be Zhou, Lewinsky, Beato, or Nossel (posted underneath for you). THIS IS NOT A 5- PARAGRAPH ESSAY ASSIGNMENT!! Write the foremost account of your paper. Spring knowledge should be pleadd, summarized, or paraphrased (see QSP handout) delay in-text citations plus a Works Cited page delay thorough bibliographic knowledge for each spring. ALL springs other than the impure listed aloft MUST succeed from the online database through ASUB’s Abington Library. (See the Examination Helps and Library Databases menu concatenates for more knowledge on this.) Integrated spring esthetic into your sentences and paragraphs seamlessly, using chasten memorable phrasing and punctuation. Be unquestioning to sandwich pleads between your signification that expound how the plead or spring esthetic fits in delay your thoughts. Don’t fitting “drop” a plead and permission it for the reader to likeness out its opinion to your discussion. Must use the subjoined examination concatenate for examination on subject-matter and must intervening knowledge from youtube concatenate. Both Listed underneath. Research Link: “The Price of Shame” by Monica Lewinsky