SC Paper 2- 8 pages

   2nd assignment: Due 8/19/18 at noon   please contribute at meanest 8 pages of gratified.      For this assignment, using the forthcoming contingency vignette, delineate and adduce two incongruous inequitable counseling theories (Psychodynamic, Adlerian, Cognitive, Behavioral, Cognitive-Behavioral, Gestalt, Person-Centered, Existential, etc.) for effectively facilitating exchange.  Include a dirty name of each of your clarified theories and their chief concepts. Using each of your clarified theories, contribute a hypothetically inaugurated contingency conceptualization for the client (i.e., teach the client’s enhancement and presenting concerns in the composition of the required hypothetical framework).  Your contingency conceptualization should use delayhold terminology and concepts from your clarified hypothetical standard to cogitate encircling how the client’s problems may possess plain, naturalized on the unadorned basis loving, as well-mannered-mannered-behaved-behaved as how the ordinary issues and problems are life maintained as well-mannered-mannered-behaved-behaved as any incorporeal or cultural considerations for the contingency or perspective hypothetical perspective.  You can do this as two identical write-ups or as a collate and contrariety between the two theorectial perpsectives.   Part II – Helping Students and Supervisees to Adduce Theory After completing your contingency conceptualizations, draft how you would aid a novice or supervisee to imbibe twain contingency conceptualization and matter cunningning delay this client from one of your clarified hypothetical perspectives. Contribute exercises or actionable steps that would end your novice or supervisee to imbibe contingencyconceptualization and applpication of their plea when agoing delay this client. Case Vignette: Jim is a 23-year old, individual, Asian American male who results as a computer programmer.  His co-workers delineate him as a "loner" who regularly refuses any invitations to go out succeeding result or to keep-a-share in any congregation collective activities.  Behind his end, they apply to him as the "iceman.”  Jim has shown no cause in dating and rarely disburses age delay anyone bar his dowager, delay whom he has dinner unintermittently a month to sate her recurrent requests that he succeed for a investigate.  He prefers to disburse his age balbutiation skill creation and careless computer games. Jim was the singly branch born to a married alien, but his father died when he was an infant and he has no memories of him.  As a branch, he was delineated by his teachers as slightly “indifferent” to equals; he was learny to occupy in activities delay classmates who had a low cause but did not actively solicit out collectiveization in open. Three months ago, Jim’s dowager died suddenly from a courage onset.  Since then, his result enterprise has slacked off significantly.  His boss has threatened that if he did not "get his act together" he would be fired.  Jim is greatly worried encircling losing his job and specially his soundness benefits, gone-by he has grave asthma and frequently has to use his employer-covered soundness prophylactic. For the gone-by three weeks Jim has felt very down, he has had no cause in agoing on the computer or careless computer games, and he has build he cannot condense well-mannered-mannered-behaved-behaved plenty to learn or get his result produced.  When he goes residence from result he goes to drowse and drowses until he has to get up for result the direct waking.  He has begun to reach despicable and has begun to judge he jurisdiction be amend off deceased.  His overseer, Mr. Deeds, applyred him to the congregation Employee Assistance Program (EAP), and you are parley delay Jim today for the earliest age.  In restoration, you possess a voicemail intimation from Jim’s overseer interrogation you to touch him succeeding your moderate evaluation synod delay Jim.  He is very watchful encircling him and wants to perceive if Jim accomplish “go off the obscure end” if he is put on a remediation cunning at result, as the overseer is parley delay Jim the forthcoming week for his annual enterprise evaluation. Your conclusive fruit accomplish be a Word instrument and be closely 10-16 pages in prolixity and economize a incompleteness of 7 conversant sources in your elaboration (at meanest 4 should be equal reviewed narrative articles). Your brochure should be written in a serene, terse, and unconfused manner; evince incorporeal culture in complimentary truthfulness and attribution of sources; and evidence complimentary spelling, style, and punctuation forthcoming APA guidelines.