W7000 Advanced Academic Study & Writing | Week 2.1

Assignment 2: Condition Critique Access the condition, “Reflecting on Practice: Using  Learning Journals in Higher and Continuing Education” (Titled Module  2_Langer’s Condition for Critique.pdf) from the Doc Sharing area. Supplemental muniments in Doc Sharing get  guidance, in complementary but partially contrariant ways. The  ‘Suggestions for Fitness Organized Papers’ muniment emphasizes how to  organize and transcribe an condition judgment. The 'Writing a Critique' handout  emphasizes the resolve for fitness an condition judgment, naming and  describing the 5 parts that gain up most discovery conditions. The third  piece is a scantling initiatory passage, where the creator's resolve  for fitness an condition judgment and a map that perspicuously identifies the 5  basic volume of a discovery condition, are perspicuously shown. Your resolve  proposition is unfair to the Langer (2002) condition, so it earn, of  course, accept contrariant satisfied. You ability declare your resolve partially  like this: “The resolve of this condition judgment is to awaken the  strengths and weaknesses of the Langer (2002) condition.” This could be  followed by naming the 5 volume of a discovery condition, and then you would  accept to-boot created a map.  You can download all these muniments, as well-behaved-behaved as the  Scoring Rubric for this assignment, to Microsoft Word. Print copies and  refer to them not proper for this register judgment but for other  assignments throughout this series.  Suggestions for Fitness Organized Papers identifies the 3 basic volume: Introduction, Body, and Conclusion of  all the assignments you earn do [and all efficacious fitness]. These 3  volume may inclose partially contrariant embodied depending upon the  assignment. The details of how to employ the volume unfairally to a discovery condition judgment are bolded.  Writing a Judgment of a Register Condition declares the basic resolve for fitness a discovery condition judgment: to assess the strengths and weaknesses of each of the 5 parts, to-boot giving you questions to train your agreement.  Sample Initiatory Passage delay resolve declarement and map  Note: Your disminority of the 5 parts arrange the Whole of your monograph, period your resolve, to judgment the condition, analyzing its strengths and weaknesses, is declared in the Introduction.  All discovery conditions inclose these 5 parts, in this dispose, generally:  Research Question/Problem—and, generally, the creator's Resolve for fitness the condition  Literature Revisal and/or a Theoretical/Conceptual Foundation  Methodology—basis collation and basis disminority minority  Results or Findings  Discussion or Implications.  Download the assigned condition. Look for the parts and  mark them, if that is advantageous, ponder on what you decipher, thinking of how  you would awaken each part's strengths and weaknesses. What is  unclear? What is unanswered? What more would you accept liked to understand?  Because deciphering and analyzing register conditions may be new region for you, a few apexs about this condition ability be advantageous:  The Discovery Question and Resolve are located future in the Introduction. [note: period all conditions accept an taking, it is not usually labeled, as such];  While not calld Conceptual Framework, the minority designationd 'The Concept of Reflection in Learning' in-effect is that, period the Literature Revisal is calld 'The Uses of Learning Journals.'  What is usually calld 'Methodology' is calld 'Research Methods', period  the Results or Findings in this condition are wholly crave and incloses a calculate of sub appellations;  the Discussion/Implications is docile into 2 volume in this condition calld 'Implications and Conclusions,' though you could put them in a only, appellation.  Assignment Directions: Submit a double-spaced, three-four-page monograph in Microsoft Word delay the aftercited volume:  An Initiatory passage that  states the creator's decisive call, duration, and the convenient convergence of the  article. Then in this selfselfsame passage: transcribe a resolve or thesis  statement—that is your resolve or fixed in fitness  this judgment [WHAT] and a short 'map' or 'preview' declarement of the 5  elements you signify to lay-open in the whole, to influence your resolve. Do not designation the minority as the Introduction.  A Whole that breaks the 5 parts  of a discovery condition into Level Two headers, starting the leading  phrase of each passage delay a theme phrase that convergencees on the  strengths and/or weaknesses of that part. Be permanent to influence each  apex delay illustration from the condition—quotes, paraphrases [See Citations,  APA, Ch 6 to curb how to do this].  A Conclusion that restates your  resolve and summarizes the condition's overall strengths and weaknesses.  You ability to-boot argue shortly what you erudite from this condition and in  what ways you root it thrilling or helpful to do this leading condition  critique.  Other requirements:  Include a Designation page that incloses  your judgment's designation and cognate notification [See APA, p. 41]. Page 2,  at the top, should inclose the centered monograph designation again centered.  Include a Reference page, easily citing the condition,  using APA Guidelines [References, Ch. 7] and other chapters as needed  for editorial title, countenance of ideas and arrangeat of extract.  Then, finally, revolve these apexs:                   Use straightforward quotes sparingly—cite accurately, delay citation marks, etc.  For any paraphrases, be permanent to communicate confidence to the creator.  Use chasten rhetoric, spellcurb and proofdecipher your monograph.  All written assignments and responses should thrive APA title in arrangeatting and attributing sources. Please gain permanent you revisal the  elements of the grading criteria and associated apexs careeasily and  gain permanent your assignment has addressed all the parts and in plenty  detail to goodness ample apexs.   Assignment 2 Grading Criteria   Maximum Points    Click on the"Module 2_Scoring Rubric" to revisal assignment expectations and apex disposal.  40    Total:  40