Can you complete the following 2 part assignment ?

  create a visual donation of 8 to 12 slides  (using Microsoft® PowerPoint®) that addresses the aftercited questions: Describe gender roles. Identify ways gender differences are maintained in the United States. Summarize the Feminist Change-of-place in the United States. How has this change-of-place evolved to today? Identify two collective issues that assume women today in the United States. Identify two collective issues that assume women today globally. You  may elect a restricted dominion or clime of the cosmos-mob for this rudiment  of your assignment. Provide citations for any sources. Format a citations page for your sources that is compatible delay course-level divert APA guidelines. ALSO COMPLETE THE FOLLOWING:    Search the Internet for notification connected to gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender (GLBT) hues organizations. Complete the aftercited consultation delay notes and thoughts connected to your findings:    Site Thoughts/Notes       Use your notes to aid in your responses to the aftercited questions. You may need appended media from the University Library to exhaustive this breath. Summarize in 350 to 700 say your findings, as you reply the aftercited questions: · Historically, what has been the gregarious standing of GLBT mob? · What is the standing of GLBT mob in the United States today? · What are some gregarious and collective issues bearing to GLBT mob in the United States? Provide citations for all the sources you use.