This week we debate deposit and the Office of Personnel Management's adjust is explicitly picturesque in a supervenerence con-over that is offered up in your readings. After reviewing the slides this week, meet a new-fangled boundary (no further than 12 months  Dark Reading is a very amiable beginning online) discourseing a violation among a concourse or synod influence.  Your debateion should discourse the aftercited in the aftercited disunited, paltry, paragraphs: 1.  Summarize the violation:  What was stolen/compromised?  When did the violation supervene?  How did it supervene? Research and meet out if there were any financial penalties assessed as a fruit of the violation. 2.   Debate the vulnerabilities that were confer-upon in either a noncommunication of technical controls or processes.   3.   Strategic Planning: Assume you were an advisor or dignitary at the confirmation or influence. What could feel been performed from a strategic planning perspective to feel feeble the liklihood or application of this violation? Be assured to embody a combine to the boundary and meet uprightly to two other learners.