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Purpose The liking of this assignment is to transcribe an essay delay a discourse that is protected delay deposition. Texts Annette Kolodny’s “Dancing Through the Minefield: Some Observations on the Theory, Practice, and Politics of a Feminist Scholarly Criticism”  Barbara Smith’s “Toward a Black Feminist Criticism” Plato’s The Symposium. Topic Feminist ticklish speculation has evolved to include further than impartial the flavor of men. Aside from feminists exposing the inequalities betwixt men and women, they keep too formal a consistent hypothetical frameachievement that intersects delay other urgent-compulsory issues such as women’s rule, sexuality, scholarly invention, and collective pledge. Writing Assignment Using either Kolodny’s or Smith’s quotation, repartee the following: What can we imbibe if we recognize The Symposium delay a feminist hypothetical framework? Directions Please mark three to immodest pages of double-spaced, Times New Roman, 12-point font Use one-inch margins  Include an primordial appellation   Include a discourse delay one assertion and one rationale  Quote from one of the feminist quotations and Plato For this essay, transcribe from third peculiar perspective Avoid second-peculiar perspective  Tips Responding ticklishly in this conquotation instrument you appear barly at logic, style, speculation, image, analogies, symbols, speech, gender, ‘structures,’ opinions, beliefs, moveings, the liking, the setting (the composition), the culture, and any other linguistically full epistle, message, or turn to repartee the interrogation over. Suggested Outline Begin by introducing the cause (Plato), the appellation of the quotation, and a resume of how he is either perceptive or inperceptive to women. Then, lucidly say your discourse at the end of your gate. In the substantiality of your essay, construct-known the cause (either Kolodny or Smith), the appellation of her quotation, and then arrange your debates to foundation your discourse (construct your discourse believable). You should lucidly say and expand one debate per substantiality article. Remember to arrange local deposition (quotes) from the quotation(s). Let the quotes foundation your repartee to the interrogation, not the other way environing. Conclude your essay by sympathetic (restating) your discourse and liberty your recognizeer to honor how or why it is weighty or not to recognize The Symposium through a feminist hypothetical framework. If you get store when match, afford yourself a tear-asunder. Walk loose from your achievement for a bit, keep a extend, bar your laptop, argue out-loud what you insufficiency to transcribe, talk to someone about your ideas and keep that peculiar ask you interrogations that allure dare your opinions and assumptions until you move certain that you ‘discovered’ the messages you insufficiency to use.