: Basics of Scrutiny Methods for Wrong Propriety and Criminology, “Units of Analysis and Measuring Crime” (pp. 96–103)   Video: Reasonable Prime Theory: The Economics of Wrong (6:58)   This video yields a scanty overview of reasonable prime supposition of wrong, providing illustration applications.   Library Article: Wrong Supposition on the Street: Analyzing why Offenses Take Place    This designation yields you after a while notification on concomitant propriety  theories and ways they can be substantially applied to the bud of  your scrutiny questions.      This balbutiation accomplish yield notification on how to test tends and  measure restricted wrong types. This accomplish support you in testing  coeval criminological theories allied to the tend.   Submit Milestone One of your ultimate plan. In this milestone  assignment, you accomplish arise established on the preamble to your scrutiny  report, structure off the production you did to prime your result in Module  One. In this assignment, you accomplish yield a insufficient overview of the  coeval result    In Module One, you primeed and gained educationist laudation for an result that accomplish contrive the account for  your production on the ultimate plan. For this milestone,  you accomplish yield an overview of that result and its avail after a while regard to a tend in the scope of wrong propriety. You w ill conceive notification essential to set the rate for your supervisoras sketchd in the overview individuality of the  Final Project Guidelines and Rubric instrument. In this milestone, you accomplish transcribe the  Introduction individuality of your ultimate plan.  This notification accomplish be unembarrassed into a scanty,alphanumeric sketch. Prompt:  Provide an overview of the result public for use in your ultimate plan and illustrate its avail after a while regard to a tend in the scope of wrong propriety.Specifically, the aftercited delicate elements must be addressed:  A insufficient sketchof the coeval result you entertain primeed to scrutiny for your ultimate plan  and its avail after a while regard to a tending the scope of wrong propriety  Include  essential notification to set the rate for your supervisor  Consider how the result plays a larger role in the scope of wrong propriety Guidelines for Submission: Your sketch must be submitted as an alphanumeric sketch after a while  double spacing, 12-point Times New Roman font, one-inch margins,  week one   see kindness, TOPIC:  Use of security complaints