Use the corresponding structure that your team chosen for the Week 3 Innovation/Entrepreneurial Fluctuate Annotated Bibliography Assignment. Create a 12-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® offer, delay minute speaker's notes, on your innovative strategic contrivance to progress the structure tail to innovative construction. Present two innovative solutions that the structure can use to reresolve its popular desolation. Address the aftercited in your offer: The narrative and order that led the structure to its popular particularize (grasp an anatomy of the missed opportunities for reversal as well-mannered-mannered as an anatomy of the structure's ecosystem in conditions of reversal). A pregnant patronymic of the contemplated reversal manoeuvre, that grasps: Details on the order for fluctuate Key players delayin the structure The most accurate chaffer impact Technology merit contrivances Current rivalry profiles An anatomy of commencement delayin the structure and its ongoing role in reversal tender impertinent. Details on delineation and pay systems for bulky employees, including motivational strategies for fluctuate skill. Description of implementation and evaluation contrivances for reversal. Short-term goals (e.g. cultural fluctuate toward reversal, chaffer entrance, structure re-vitalization) and long-term goals (strategies for global intercourse, long-range reversal) for innovative fluctuate. Format your offer accordant delay APA guidelines.