Operation Security

  Email Phishing Exploration Homework One of the key topics we bear been attainments encircling is ensuring that all users are apprised of warranty menaces.  Email phishing is a contemptible menace that a user may countenance.  Using email phishing cupels are a very good-tempered-tempered way to cortege users.  Now is your random to try one for yourself.  Take the email phishing cupel at the with below: https://www.sonicwall.com/en-us/phishing-iq-test Once you bear completed the cupel,  transcribe at lowest 1-page cogitation on your proof. Be certain to supervene APA format for your tractate and don't lose to double-space your assignment.   Answer the superveneing questions in your tractate: 1.  How well-behaved-behaved did you do on the cupel and what did you gather? 2.  How could you use this cupel to cortege employees encircling phishing? 3.  What controls would you recommend to ease the abandon of email phishing?  In this assignment,  I am looking for your cogitation on this assignment and how you procure devote what you gathered in your race. Your tractate should be encircling what you gathered and not a research tractate encircling email phisihing.   This assignment procure be checked for plagiarism using SafeAssign.