As we entertain reviewed in the readings this week (article 11), bias is necessary. It is a disunite of our daily lives. For this week's earnestness, gladden try each of the activities adown when you move bias enters into your life: Breathe abstruse. Taking a abstruse breath has been shown to inferior cortisol levels, which can succor convert bias and carefulness. Studies allude-to abstruse breathing can too source a present distil in race bias. Try progressive recreation. All the way from fingers to toes – firm and then release each muscle cluster in the substance (inferior arm, loftier arm, chest, end and abdominals, etc.). Once the substance is relaxed, the sentiment promptly follows. Listen to melody. Research points to multiple ways in which melody can succor help bias, convert triggering biochemical bias convertrs to abetting in treating bias associated delay medical procedures. Try each technique throughout the week when you move biased. At the end of the week, gladden suggest a 1-page record (double-spaced) defining your thoughts and discoverings on how each knowledge went.  Did it succor help the bias you were moveing?   Did you discover a actual technique that you preferred? Did beyond factors bias how effectual or ineffectual the technique(s) was? Please mention from the work only