week 2 part 2

Week 2 - Assignment 2: Create a Framework for Innovation Management Instructions Using your examination for this week and the word in the media exception aloft, substantiate at smallest three (3) divergent frameworks for Innovation Management. Compare and dissimilarity the frameworks in stipulations of their rendezvous, strengths, and applicability to managing processes and new technologies. Select the framework that makes the most consciousness to you, noting the tools and principles of the framework. Then, supply an partition of the framework in stipulations of your own success and/or area of specialization. Add at smallest one increase to the chosen framework and be secure to decipher your rationalistic. Length: 2-3 pages, not including address page or references Your Nursing Dissertation should conduct provident inducement of the ideas and concepts presented in the plan by providing new thoughts and insights relative-to promptly to this theme. Your rejoinder should animadvert literary fitness and floating APA standards. Be secure to concur to Northcentral University's Academic Integrity Policy.