Week 3 discussion: Phenomenology Research Design;Observational Research

  WEEK 3 DISCUSSION: To make-ready for this discourse, Chapter 12 by Levitt (2016)(PROVIDED), and Sections 3.1, 3.2, “Pros and Cons of Observational Research” and “Types of Observational Research” in Section 3.4 of the Newman (2016) textbook.(PROVIDED) Then, enumerate from the inventory adown your assigned immanent inquiry intent based on the primitive message of your developed name: • S-Z: Phenomenology Using the Inquiry Methods inquiry guide’s inventory of suggested subscription, appear for notice encircling your assigned immanent inquiry intent. You may also quest the Library groundsbases for subscription encircling the inquiry intent. In your moderate shaft: • Evaluate the features of the intent and what kinds of inquiry topics it is competent for. • Explain the grounds collation and grounds separation methods used in the intent. • Cite at last one scholarly/peer-reviewed period encircling the intent and one published inquiry examine that used the intent, for a entirety of at last two scholarly/peer-reviewed narrative subscription. Document your sources in APA-Style, after a while in-text citations and references inventoryed at the end of the shaft.  NO WORD LIMIT, JUST NEEDS THE ANSWERS/TOPICS COMPLETED WITH REFERENCES.