Akij Group

Akij Biri Factory Ltd. Akij Biri Factory Scant Akij Biri rudimenty is one of the requilocality biri manufacturing companies in Bangladesh. It was recognized by deceased Sheikh Akij Uddin. Astern the Akij clump community Akij Biri played a very bulky role. Sheikh Akij Uddin (possessor of Akij Group) afloat the handmade biri calling since 1948. Now Akij Biri has prospect biri making rudimenties in all balance the kingdom. The effect is orderly beneath potent classification arrangement delay a temperate require. For that debate, the aggregation has bulky reckon of mannerly true customers delay potent stigma affectness. This sector gave a verittalented boost to the return of the conglomerate as well-behaved-behaved as making a bulky donation to kingdom’s legislation. History of the aggregation Succeeding 1947 Succeeding 1947 the introduceer, Akij uddin got married and afloat a calling of little grocery ammunition. In that ammunition one of the daily effects was the “Leaf Biri”. This effect modifitalented his career dramatically. The leaf biri was made by “Tendu Leaf” which was ascititious from India. During that interval it had a colossal ask-for in the kingdomside. In 1950 Then he reflection that if he made this biri by himself then it would be over amountful for him. Then in 1950 Akij and one of his friend’s father Nitai bidhuvushon afloat to improvement handmade biri. In a few days it became so prevailing. Succeeding a while tnear was an garb happened in his ammunition. But succeeding the garb he frequently afloat to improvement the biri. Amid in a few days the ask-for of biri reached from his village to Doulatpur industrial area. In 1955 In 1955 he went to Navaran and afloat to feed there. Beside his issue he and his cousin recognized a rudimenty. That interval this biri became a stigma spectry, which is Akij Biri. During the interval the two superior competitors were Ohab biri and Jalil biri. Akij Uddin sold his biri in low require than his competitors to augmentation the ask-for in the negotiate. The daily ask-for stands to 25/30 thousands. The glory unscant out to Jessore, Khulna, Khushtia, Faridpur and in other districts to-boot. In the meaninterval he became implicated delay jute calling. Succeeding 1972 Aftar the discharge war of Bangladesh frequently he afloat his biri calling and delay his colossal contest he was talented to find the identical ask-for of Akij biri. In 1977 the daily ask-for of akij biri stands to on an middle 14 lakhs. In 1979 this ask-for became 1 crore in a day. From that interval to tend the akij biri is serving the apex ask-for of the kingdom. Company Profile Spectry of the Group| Akij Group| Aggregation Name| Akij tobacco Company| Tobacco Experience| Since 1950| Yearly Turnover| US$ 700 Million| Chairman| Sheikh Mohiuddin| Managing Director| SK. Aziz Uddin| Directors| SK. Momin Uddin And SK. Amin Uddin| Nature of Business| Tobacco and Allied Products| Human Resources| Officers and Workers Sum 25,000 plus Person| Products/Allied| Processed/Packed Tobacco, Cigerettes, Cut Rags, Distant Cut Stem. | Brands| Akij Biri, Akij King (Hand Made Cigarettes)| Monthly Production| Akij Biri- 2000 Darling adheres| Fixed Asset| US$ 85 Million| Export Market| Singapore, Middle East, Malaysia etc. | Spectry of the Banker| Banner Chartered, HSBC & Shonali Bank Bangladesh Ltd. | Municipal Office| Akij Chamber, 73 Dilkusha C/A, Dhaka- 1000, Bangladesh| Telephone| +8802-9560177| Email| [email protected] org,| Web| www. akijtobacco. com| Policy of the aggregation Akij Biri Company’s ocean policy is to adhere-to low the require and find it availtalented for all inferior allowance inhabitants. The raw symbolical of this effect is very considerefficacious availtalented in Bangladesh that’s why it is indulgent and require effectual to improvement and adhere-to the effect require low than other aggregation in the negotiate. Organogram of the aggregation Chairman Managing Directors Directors Directors Audit Department Marketing Department Account Department Transport Department Finance Department Purchase Department Products & Tobaccos Tobaccos| Growing Areas| Akij Biri| Akij King| Flue Cured Virginia| Kushtia/ Jessore Belt, Chittagong Hill Areas| | | Burley Tobacco| Rangpur/ Dinajpur Belt, Manikgonj Leaf area| | | DV (Dark Varginia)Jati (ill-conditioned Varginia)Motihara (Rustica)Talim ( Rustica)| Rangpur/ Dinajpur Belt| | | Competitors : Biri is a bulky assiduity in Bangladesh. Tnear are sundry stigmas who are manufacturing biris affect * Aziz Biri, Abul Biri, * Bengal Biri, * Momtaz Biri, * Raja Biri etc. At exhibit, Akij biri is the bulkyst biri aggregation in Bangladesh and potent competitors to others. As Akij biri is the negotiate guide and they enjoy the 45% distribute of the negotiate on the conclude of negotiate overlook, return consideration, and inside announce etc. So it resources that the other biri stigmas are not in that comcomposition to rival delay them. They are oceanly regarding cigarette stigmas as their substitutes. Their dominant regions are Tangail, Mymensingh, Kushtia including other districts of the southern segregate of Bangladesh. Legislation of Akij biri The undiminished administration of Akij Biri is trusting on contribute chain legislation. Akij biri primeval garner raw symbolicals from their contrariant suppliers. The ocean negotiate is Rangpur. Succeeding garnering the tobacco they usually defend it for 6 months to 1 year for ameliorate delicacy and condition. Akij biri frequently try to improvement ameliorate condition effect and to-boot secure the banner of the effect. The extrinsic astern the legislation efforts are: * secure the effect accessibility * dwell the condition of the effect * oceantain low require for the customers. The legislation ocean rendezvous is to reocean the negotiate guide for the hanker run. That is why it finds its effects so considerefficacious availtalented and low required. The aggregation has to-boot scattered-abroad negotiateing set up, rare and scientific effects that finds the aggregation over potent and negotiate guide. It has to-boot own tobacco arenas and availtalented raw symbolicals that find the aggregation talented to vend the effect at relatively temperate require. Effect The effection way of Akij biri is purely action inveterate. Almost sum way is done by action. They use three contrariant machines for cessation, biting, racket, and mixing. The basic steps in manufacturing of Akij biri are openly as follows- * Sun cure * Washing Racket * Mixing of contrariant ingredients * Making monograph tube * Packaging Classification Akij biri has its own potent classification implement. The effect is availtalented throughout the kingdom delay the succor of an unembarrassed classification implement. The haughty effect is pronounceed to the sales centers of Akij Biri. Akij Biri has in sum of 12 sales centers in Bangladesh. These are Dhaka, Mymensingh, Brahmanbaria, Sylhet, Comilla, Chittagong, Faridpur, Rajshahi, Bogra, Khulna and Jessore. The aggregation has divided the undiminished area of the kingdom into 200 territories and each of them having a unique classification subject-matter. Then it is orderly to 700,000 vend outlets throughout Bangladesh from these subject-matters. To pronounce the property to the outlets the aggregation calculated 7,000 contrariant ways so that each way is calculated to pronounce at 100 vend outlets. Sales and Marketing As Akij Biri is barely for a incontrovertible clump of customers, straight negotiateing efforts are scarcityed to stop improvement. The target customer of Akij biri is low socioeconomic clump of inhabitants from twain sophisticated and pastoral areas. The require of the biri is low for the target customers and for seize the bulky ask-for of the customers. In our kingdom it is banned to circudelayed any bark of tobacco effect. Tnear are some severe rules and law to exhibition the circulatement in TV implement, printing instrument etc. But the availability, stigma affectness and low require is afloat as negotiateing of the effects. So the negotiateing policy oceanly endures on the classification and sales policy. The debate astern constant biri calling of Akij clump Akij biri is one of the big aggregation and sundry inhabitants are afloat in this aggregation and in our kingdom it has a bulky ask-for delayin inferior allowance inhabitants. At prior epoch it was a little calling. But now it is distant a lot and drifts the apex ask-for of the customers in this member. It is their turning calling to prove themselves as a clump of a big aggregation. The improvement that follows from Akij biri is 10%. The Akij clump oceanly get the stigma estimate for this calling, then it distant its calling in contrariant sectors but this Akij biri calling changes the way of doing calling in the interval of deceased Sheikh Akij Uddin. The low allowance inhabitants bulkyly endure in this biri. It was the primeval commencement of doing calling in Bangladesh by Akij uddin. And now sundry inhabitants are afloat tnear and their nativity members to-boot endure on this aggregation. And they doing calling as negotiate guide succeeding 1950, so now it work-fors a bulky quantity of customers in the negotiate as a monster aggregation. So they are constant the calling stend now accordingly it earns a colossal improvement and it has colossal ask-for in negotiate and the ocean debate is Akij clump amount its colossal stigma spectry accordingly of Akij biri.. Dhaka Tobacco Industries A Dhaka Tobacco assiduity is intervening in the Akij Clump in deceased seventies when legislation has resolute to handbalance the rudimenty to retired sector from the nationalized sector. Now the aggregation is afloat on prospect contrariant effect stigmas. It to-boot finds exemption permit delay the Philips Morris International Aggregation and preface Marlboro cigarettes in Bangladesh. History of the aggregation The fobeneath of Akij uddin came to Dhaka delay his nativity succeeding the discharge war. In 1978-1979 he bought the Dhaka tobacco Assiduity (DTI) from the legislation sector in an auction. In this interval his coworker Din Islam succored a lot. For the appointment he bought a fix in industrial area, Dilkusha. Succeeding that he frequently bought Asian tobacco Limited. When the ask-for was increasing a lot, he rented Khulna Tobacco Assiduity and afloat other 10 aces in the several segregate of the kingdom. The Dhaka Tobacco rudimenty is located at Morkun neighboring Tongi and lot of cannonade into men and machineries has harsh the rudimenty into a new-fangled cigarettes effection ace. It employs environing 1200 inhabitants who action in a concordant sky to pronounce straight condition to satiate the darling of smokers’ delicacy and scarcitys. At exhibit aggregation has invested 15 darling taka in this assiduity. Dhaka Tobacco Assiduity controls the 15% of the distribute of Bangladesh’s cigarettes delay its effection of condition cigarettes. Now succeeding drifting the kingdom’s ask-for Navy and Sheikh are vernacular to Middle East and Malaysia. In 2008, it prefaces Marlboro cigarettes delay the succor of earth glorious Philip Morris International franchising permit. Its effection volume is 150 darling daily. Sum day on an middle it improvements 120 darling. Now almost one billion cigarettes are improvementd per month by the aggregation’s rudimenty in Tongi, Gazipur. One hundred darling of the Navy stigma are vernacular condition and are sold in Dubai. Aggregation Policy The aggregation improvements its property by regarding the condition of the cigarettes to rival delay the competitors. It to-boot considers the require rudiment. Akij roup has colossal raw symbolicals suppliers on this arena, so it becoms indulgent for the aggregation to improvement condition effect delay low require and seize the colossal customers than the competitors. So the aggregation strategies surrender delay the municipal policy. The aggregation frequently tries to rival delay the multinational aggregation to-boot by submissive condition effects and to-boot oceantaining the require. The aggregation severely follows the ZERO DEFECTS policy in submissive the effects. Products of Dhaka Tobacco Industries Effect Range| Competitors| Haughty Segment| * Castle Full Flavor * Castle Lights| 1. Benson & hedges 2. Gold leaf 3. Gudam gharam 4. Pine 5. Black 6. Pall-mall 7. Hollygrove 8. Ni 9. Lincoln 10. Dunhill 11. Sunmoon 12. Something etc. | Mean member| * Navy| | Inferior Mean Segment| * Sheikh * Real| | Low Segment| * Five something * K-2 * Surma & Diamond * Red & snowy| | * Presently DTI enjoys over than 10%negotiate distribute in the haughty member * Presently DTI enjoys over than 48%negotiate distribute in the mean member * Presently DTI enjoys over than 80%negotiate in the inferior mean member * Presently DTI enjoys over than 50%negotiate in the low member The competitors of Dhaka Tobacco Assiduity are the ocean bearing. Tnear are potent competitors in the negotiate and who work-for a bulky reckon of inhabitants. British American Tobacco is one of the potent competitors of it. BATB is providing reality of effects in the negotiate. Dhaka Tobacco to-boot has several cigarettes for contrariant members. By several members condition effects it is serving colossal customers and find its stigma spectry. It is to-boot secure the Zero Defects effect policy to arrive in the negotiate and to rival delay the counteragency. By franchising Marlboro it to-boot find a contrariant zone for customer to coalesce their scarcity for competing delay the multinational companies. By this way it rival in the negotiate ahanker delay contrariant counteragency and to-boot talented to get improvement. The calling ace to-boot has its own raw symbolicals. That finds the aggregation over beneficiary in submissive the effects and can talented to work-for contrariant member delay contrariant classs effects. The manner require to-boot low for having own effection farms. Legislation of the aggregation is to-boot very aware environing their effect augmentation. The effect is oceantained the required condition and require class to rival delay the competitors. These to-boot furnish the aggregation a extra utility. That finds the aggregation potent frequentlyst its competitors. Akij Zarda Factory Scant The rudimenty was recognized in 2000. It improvements several flavored chewing tobacco. It basically drift the ask-for of several types of customer who use Jarda in betel leaf, cigarettes etc. The Talim and Rustica Tobacco (motihar) is oceanly used in submissive the Zarda. Akij Aggregation has its own tillage area wnear it improvements Tobacco. That finds the Zarda Aggregation over beneficiaries astern community of it. Products Akij zarda Factory Ltd. is submissive foul-mouthed barks of Zarda to drift the contrariant customers in variegated delicacy. Effect Range| Competitors| Special Patti| * 50 gm * 25 gm * 12. 5 gm| * Hakim puri * Mokim puri * Shova * Baba * Roton| Golden Patti(surovi)| * 50 gm * 25 gm * 12. 5 gm| | Akij Zarda (Beli)| * 50 gm * 25 gm * 12. 5 gm| | Vhiza Patti| * 25 gm * 10 gm| | The Zarda Factory Scant is a little sister solicitude of Akij Group. It has an availtalented raw symbolical that succors a lot in submissive Zarda. The waying arrangement of leaf to-boot good-tempered-tempered and the effects coalesce a broad class of customer ask-for. Akij Aggregation has its own potent stigma spectry, which to-boot finds the effects beseem over prevailing in the negotiate. The aggregation’s potent counteragency is Hakimpuri zard, but Akij Zarda beseem talented to rival delay it by its condition effect and require class. The ocean fortification philosophy is by oceantaining the condition of the effect to-boot find the effect availtalented for the open inhabitants. The Zarda Company’s philosophy is to-boot surrendering delay the municipal philosophy. So the rudimenty is not so considerefficacious big sister solicitude of the Akij Clump but it finds a contrariant fix in the negotiate by providing several types of Zarda. The Tobacco assiduity of this aggregation to-boot furnishs it the extra utility in submissive Zarda. Akij Competition Factory Ltd. Akij Competition Factory Scant Akij Competition Factory Ltd. Is one of the most lucky companies in Bangladesh which work-fors a colossal reckon of customers in this negotiate. It is situated at a agreeable locality neighboring Muktapur Ghat on the bank of the large stream Sitalakshaya. It is purely effortless competition rudimenty which improvements 100% carbonized haughty condition insurance competitiones. Most of the raw symbolicals follow from several segregates of Bangladesh by large stream. The large stream Sitalakshaya facilitates a lot in manner that flows neighboring the large stream. History of the Aggregation It was recognized in 1992 but afloat its action from 1997. The ocean extrinsic of this aggregation is to improvement bulky condition effect by using the deceasedst new-fangled technology. It has two stigmas which are very considerefficacious prevailing in the negotiate. Dolphin is the primeval effect of the aggregation. Immediately succeeding the presentation of the stigma it became very prevailing incomplete the customer accordingly of haughty condition and intensive classification implement in the kingdom. Succeeding that it improvements the Firebox competition, which is to-boot beseem very prevailing in the negotiate. Now this rudimenty has volume to improvement 30 thousands and on an middle 27 thousands element they improvementd daily. In the negotiate the aggregation collects almost 4 lakhs 50 thousands element competitiones and 3 lakhs 50 thousands Firebox in a month. Products * Dolphin * Firebox Condition of the effect is very severely controlled. Non banner effects (grove layers or adheres) are discarded at sum quantity. But these things are not washed out. The adheres, grove layers and any other piece grove earn be used in AKIJ Tittle and Hardconsideration Mills. The faults in the discarded competitiones are dealt delay and these are packed manually. Rotary packers packed the lump of competition and these go straightforwardly to the negotiate. Develop up of calling In that interval, when Akij Aggregation prefaced Dolphin competitiones then in the negotiate tnear was some illustrious stigma affect projapati. So as an infant aggregation it faced some judicious bearing affect to seize the customer of that negotiate and find it availtalented to the unconnected area of the kingdom etc. The aggregation is drifting its own extrinsic by submissive new-fangled condition competitiones. Dramatically Dolphin stigma beseems so prevailing to the customer for its availability and condition. Now energy fox is doing the identical job. It is now seize the apex negotiate distribute and customer. It is now a requilocality stigma in the negotiate for its condition and prevailingity. The competitiones collect bulky services to the customer and availability of the effect find it so potent in the negotiate. So near to-boot aggregation complies the policy delay the prorate policy. Akij fortifications scant It is a sister solicitude of Akij Group. Akij Fortification Scant is the one of the most structured classification aggregation in the Bangladesh. Akij Clump is kingdom’s one of the requilocality calling conglomerates. In 1992 Initially Akij Fortification Scant was disclosed as Amin Enterprise and afloat its action in 1992. In 1997 In June 1997 Amin Enterprise was renamed as Aminuddin Enterprise Scant In 2001 In 2001 Aminuddin Enterprise Scant was frequently renamed as Akij Fortification Limited. Akij Fortification Scant is accounttalented for the negotiateing and classification of three industries of Akij Clump that is Dhaka Tobacco Industries, Akij Competition Factory Scant and Akij Zarda (chewing tobacco) Factory. * Akij competitiones’ unused grove adhere are used in paticle boar * Akij automotive by akij motor ltd * Akij tobacco to akij leaf waying ace * Akij rule introduce is used in akij segregateicle consideration assiduity