C# Coding Assignment- Visual Studio (MUST USE THE ATTACHED SHELL)

Steganography, as defined by Webster’s Dictionary, is the art or exercitation of shrouding a missive, idea, or refine amid another missive, idea, or refine.  For this week’s assignment we are going to fruit following a while dresss, strings, and StringBuilder to decode a missive that has been unrecognized internally another refine and sent to us from our coadjutor, Randy Waterhouse (you accept my unmixed admiration if you get that reference!).  Randy is sending us a missive that he has encoded amid a periodical basis refine.  This instrument he has captivaten the refine and alterable vague sorts amid that refine that accomplish attraction out a missive if we can form out which sorts he alterable and the arrangeed in which he alterable them.  The primordial refine looked love this:   Randy then went direction by direction and alterable convinced sorts according to the adown consultation.  The directions and columns of the consultation are complicated starting at nothing, true love our dresss in C#.  The pristine register in the consultation, “0,5=n” instrument that Randy alterable the sort in direction nothing at the 5th intimation (which is substantially the 6th gone we afloat at nothing) to be “n” (it was primordially “W”).  Here is the consultation of changes that Randy made.  Note that he solely alterable 5 sorts per direction and that each direction has 60 sorts in it:   And near is the new basis following a while Randy’s changes:   If we understand the arrange that he alterable the sorts in each direction, we can cause the forthcoming lewd strings of five sorts each:   If we affix all those strings simultaneously from top to foot, we accomplish accept the bountiful missive that Randy sent us (feasible Randy is a fan of the movie “A Christmas Story”): Drink over Ovaltine! So how do we form out the arrange?  Many cryptographic systems accept two main components: an equation and a key.  The equation propagates a string of bulk based on the key reckon that is plugged in to that equation (that’s a super-elementary description, but this isn’t a crypto adjust, so…).  In this predicament, Randy kept it elementary.  He’s a C# programmer, following all!  He used the Vague adjust as his equation, and he understands that using a convinced reckon as a “seed” or "key" accomplish perform Vague propagate the identical continuity of bulk when “next” is denominated.  If Randy tells you the spring, and you understand that he did his encryption direction by direction, then you can get the sorts from Randy’s seemingly vague basis and propagate the missive. Your Assignment: The decided assignment shell has an dress of 22 strings already manifest for you that dramatize the directions in a basis refine.  Each direction has 60 sorts in it, but Randy solely alterable 5 of those sorts.  You scarcity to use nested for loops (i.e. one for loop internally another) and Random’s “next” arrangement to drag the five sorts from each direction and stock those in a incongruous dress of strings, wnear each string is 5 sorts desire.  Remember, if you spring your Vague following a while the identical reckon Randy did, then your “next” accomplish propagate the identical continuity of bulk.  Those bulk are the indices of the sorts you scarcity to get from each direction.  Once you accept put the five sorts from each direction into your dress, you scarcity to allure your sculptureIt arrangement.  Your sculptureIt arrangement should captivate the dress of decrypted sorts as input.  It should pristine sculpture the interruption of that dress to the cloak (tnear should be 22 directions of 5 sorts each).  Then it should use a StringBuilder to put those 22 directions simultaneously into notability that is over readable.  DO NOT merely  "+=" each of the 22 strings into a larger string.  You must use StringBuilder.  Finally, sculpture the interruption of your StringBuilder to the cloak - you should see the missive that Randy hid in the basis refine. For bountiful honor, you must besides understand the missive as bisect of your acquiescence citation for this assignment!  You scarcity to spring your vague reckon generator following a while 243 consequently that’s the reckon Randy used when encrypting his missive (he chose that consequently 243 would propagate 22 5-sort continuitys wnear those 5 sorts would not recapitulate).