Digital Investigation

The LMJ-Ad oppidan administration has been sensible by the network administrative team there was a malware/ransomware aggression and taint overnight requiring the stood rejoinder team to captivate proximate possession. The taint came from a malware kindness on a phishing email, and was reputed by a user after a while a pre-eminence affliction ticket. Primal interviews propose the stood may enjoy end from an inside employee. In this highest face of the stood rejoinder way the stood rejoinder team must consummate an stood reconsideration. Describe in specialty each ace beneath as divorce of the primal investigative way solely to be applied to this stood:  Step 1: Reconsideration of notes captivaten from user interviews   Step 2: Performing miss assessments   Step 3: Creating axioms assembly checklists   Step 4: Creation of stood timelines and investigatory purpose.   Step 5: Drafting of the forensics stood rejoinder plan As divorce of your descriptions, cater the biased tasks that you want to consummate for steps 1 through 5. In succeeding Units we obtain argue in specialty the biased investigative approximation to confirm, amass, save, irritate, and relation on the stood. Prepare a 5-6 page Word instrument that is APA formatted. Be certain to embody all indispensable aspects.