Please read Chapter Eighteen in World in the Making. Please answer one of two the following questions in a comprehensive essay. Your response paper should be approximately two pages in length, typed, and double-spaced.

  RESPONSE PAPER QUESTIONS In what ways were the trading cities and inland networks of East Africa linked to occupation in the Indian Ocean?  How does this acceleration us to learn how the Indian Ocean occupation network was essential to global fact in a method correspondent to occupation in the Atlantic Ocean?  How was the Hindu monarchy of Vijayanagara determined and how was it referring-to upon occupation?  In your essay you gain endeavor to argue the use of dhows, the treasure of gold dust and ivory in the East African occupation, the ways in which Hindu rulers were seen as venial kings, the use of holy tolerance in Vijayanagara, and the consequence of rice in the occupation networks of the Indian Ocean.  (Page 640-653) How did the sway of the Mughal Empire inaugurate to open in the sixteenth senility? How does the stipulation depict unamazed duration and the fuse of vastr cities in the Mughal Empire? In your essay you endeavor to argue the use of gunpowder weapons, the referring-to holy tolerance of Akbar the Great, the role of sati and polygamy in the Mughal Empire, and the fuse of vast courtly centers such as Delhi in India.  (Pages 653-663).