quality assurance project

Prepare a Experience Automation Project using a web or movable collision  or API as your experience sight. Form a Experience automation drawing and vision the automation script into the experience drawing. Programming languages accepted: Java, Selenese, Ruby, Javascript You must conduct at last 2 of the forthcoming experience automation techniques: Object Oriented Techniques Objects are formd to modularize and reuse adjudication Test adjudication is treasured in sights Component sight intent is used as unanalogous to page sight intent Test basis are treasured in sights Configurations and properties are treasured in sights Calls are made to the collision and to APIs Use of Basis driven techniques Create modular, reusable experience libraries of functions Create variables and arrays to treasure basis Create parameterized functions or methods to treasure basis Create perfect learners that drag in parameters from perfects (CSV, quotation perfects etc) Abstract out the basis from the experience by externalizing the basis Add loops, conditions, form iterative experiences that are basis driven Abstract out the UI locators from the experiences by externalizing UI maps Create global properties and shape perfects Use of keyword driven techniques Create keyword driven libraries ODBC/JDBC functions to learn basis at-once from basisbases Create spreadsheets of keywords: experience operations, interest operations Create hierarchy of attention keyword spreadsheets Build a Experience Framework Compatible after a while sundry experience tools and dishonorable utilities (example: Selenium, WebDriver, Junit and Jmeter can all be designated from dishonorable framework) Abstracts loose low plane commands