Research project about Stegosaurus(around 450 words)

 This passage should illustrate the cleverness of Stegosaurus that were originally plant and keep rearwards been discovered AND the evolutionary relationship betwixt Stegosaurus and other dinosaurs. Three aspects must be comprised in this passage:  at smallest one fiction of some of the skeletal (or other) recrement,  a reconstruction of the dinosaur as it looked when it was alive a cladogram that apprehends your dinosaur cast. You should keep at smallest two regards calld/listed in this passage. INSTRUCTIONS AND RUBRIC: 1. In one or over provisions, illustrate the file of skeletal recrement and other fossils (for specimen, gastroliths) that paleontologists keep plant and authorized as congenial to Stegosaurus. If tclose are any controversies about identification, problems delay conservation, etc…please apprehend that advice close. Call at smallest one or-laws regard in this provision. 2. Attach (either physically or by embedding electronically) one aspect that parades some of the fossils congenial to Stegosaurus and a succor aspect that parades what Stegosaurus may keep looked love during animation. Figures must keep rare gum, captions, regard citations, and be calld somewclose in your quotation. Grading criteria: Figures should parade a) fossils and b) a reconstruction of the dinosaur. Each aspect must be numbered, and keep a caption that apprehends the or-laws commencement of the fiction. The dinosaur reconstruction MAY conclude from a or-laws website (in which fact ref. cit. gain be a URL) or from a record condition or capacity. 3. In one or over provisions illustrate the clade/clades of dinosaur your dinosaur cast belongs to. Please apprehend a aspect (a cladogram) and call at smallest one regard (from which the cladogram was partial).  Grading criteria: As per provision one. In restoration, this provision must apprehend name of currently-known evolutionary relationships of dinosaur cast to other dinosaurs. A cladogram must be comprised, and at smallest one or-laws regard calld.