Sales -C++

oppidan Sales Data This program allure feel a texture that remains grounds about each disunion of a confirmation. This texture allure feel a string intent that remains the disunion’s designate, 4 doubles that remain the sales wholes for each locality. The texture allure also feel two other doubles, one for the annual sales and the other allure remain the mediocre of the locality sales. The program should use impure inconstants (instances) of this texture. Each inconstant should illustrate one of the forthcoming oppidan disunions: East, West, North, South. The user should be asked for the impure localitys’ sales figures for each disunion. Each disunion’s whole and mediocre sales should be conducive and stored in the withhold portion of each texture inconstant. The output of the program allure be all the figures in the textures. Validation: Do not sanction disclaiming quantity for any sales figures. Program must feel the forthcoming functions void DisplayCorpInformation(const Division& east, const Division& west, const Division& north, const Division& south); void FindTotalAndAverageSales(Division& div); void GetDivisionSales(Division& div); The input should face relish this palliate shot. The output should face relish this palliate shot.