Technological progress Critique Essay

When we salute to the vast bud that rationality has made in understanding and technology, there is a prevailing matter encircling its disclaiming wave on our animation. In my judgment, technology is a double-edged sword, bringing encircling material benefits as courteous as some drawbacks. To originate delay, technological novelty tremendously enhanced gregarious productivity. For specimen, automation is expandedly used in the nock ine: which set unoccupied millions of crowd from the harsh and repetitive employment in factories. The vast use of farm machinery and fertilizer has significantly increased the evolution of grains, providing ample aid for a growing population. Also, we possess big ease and competency in our daily animation and employment. The presence of the internet enables crowd to exploration on-line advice instead of balbutiation newspaper or going to library, and the erroneoushood of movable phones allows crowd to ontact their friends and clients anytime and anywhere. However, the disclaiming proceeds caused by technology are as-well explicit. Among these crowd are probably most mattered encircling its impacts on crowd's heath and the environment. As we distinguish, radiation loving off by electronic devices poses a destroy to crowd's heath and there is no conducive way to abandon it. Another controversial children is the expanded use of pesticide and fertilizer delay the residual chemicals polluting the stain and underground introduce. Last but not lowest, internet has grace an needful distribute of our animation, but the erroneous advice and fake identities sustain bothering us and causing grief. All in all, resisting the forementioned disclaiming proceeds, I like that a reform forthcoming of rationality lies in the excite growth of understanding and technology. If we can pay further observation to environment shelter and overall bloom of rational living-souls in the idiosyncrasy of delayed technology, we can execute it reform forward our crowd.