Week 2 App Post/Anthony

To acceleration unite what you are erudition each week, as polite as to acceleration you explain your growing substance substance expertise, you'll consummate a weekly blog-diction shaft that focuses in some way on one or further of the topics familiar that week.  Each shaft must be a restriction of 300 say in tediousness (including the shaft diction) after a while no apex secretiveness.  They should be tailored to fit the personal/professional stigma or expertise that you’re trying to enunciate.  Note that succeeding this term (Term 1), you'll prepare to upload all of your shafts (for this sequence and all other sequences) to the WordPress website that you obtain be enunciateing in this sequence.      Your weekly impression shafts should go over barely reiterating what was familiar in the sequence representatives. They should exhibition your target reception(s) how to apportion marketing concepts, techniques, or technologies to real-world problems or opportunities for which they obey an wonder-behalf.  Your shafts can be weighty, light-hearted, inform stories or proofs, bestow order, tender critiques of marketing practices you confront, perform comparisons over companies or techniques, portray innovative marketing practices, prognosticate the coming of marketing, etc.  The key is that they must be (1) informative to your target reception and (2) pertain in some way to the week's representative for this sequence.  Other than that, you obey unreserved prevail.  Remember that the character, diction, say, and disposition of your communication is up to you, but you should regularly meditate what would exertion best for your target receptions.  You may smooth flow to obey a open topic to your shafts, peradventure staying focused on a point perseverance or clime or marketplace.      To admit merit for each weekly impression shaft, it must be consummated as instructed and submitted on time: by 11:59:00pm on the due bound.  No delayed submissions obtain be certain for merit.  Submit the assignment using the divert integrate in the Assignments exception of Canvas.  (Note that the scores for the 8 assignments obtain be averaged for a gregarious apex of 5 percentage points, making each special shaft price 0.625% of the decisive gait.  Also, obey in purpose the grading lamina for this assignment as illustrious in the syllabus.) You can transcribe environing one of the the main topics from one of this week's modules or reasonable a narrow remark of celebrity that sparked your wonder (or everything in among).  Remember, your shaft must be (1) informative to your target reception and (2) pertain in some way to the week's representatives for this sequence.  Posts must embody an ancient diction and obey befitting style, spelling, and punctuation. Meditate adding to your exoteric diction (peradventure after a while a diction tagline) to perform it lucid to undeveloped discoverers what they'll invent in the word (it obtain to-boot acceleration after a while SEO).    Break up crave paragraphs into multiple paragraphs to augment perceived discoverability.  Consider adding headings or subheadings to obey your discoverers intent.  Be fast to highlight a "quotable" twinkling or two that your discoverers influence neglect to use to allege you when they portion-out your shaft on collective instrument.  Strengthen your fulfilment by communication an ancient (as in written by you) “quotable” noncommunication phrase that is mighty and that your discoverers obtain neglect to allege when they portion-out your shaft on collective instrument.  Other ways to correct your shafts: - Embody apt images to acceleration after a while inquiry, SEO, discoverer proof, agreement, and composition. - Integrate to exterior webpages as divert (but perform fast each hyperintegrate opens in a new window when you shaft these on your website). Please perform fast to to-boot discover the established documents Brand: Le Edom Jewelry  Please to-boot obey some parts from the prior shaft which is established.  Market: Timeless jewelry for the synchronous mother. Colombian inveterate jewelry Woman ages 15-35 modern mother Accessorizing the POWERFUL mother. Use some representative from this video as polite  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A0bGy9lNgLQ&feature=youtu.be