Writing Assignment

For your assignment (Individual hand-in) , I would approve each scholar to convoy a elimination on programs / designs at any Fortune 500 fraternity or construction (must be befriended delay facts, references, and so specimens). As an specimen, we talked encircling Boeing's need as a program for its 737 Max feeble in twain testing and trust to common and communications. We so talked encircling Target's consummation in transitioning from hoard to online fraternity via new initiatives sponsored by new CEO Brian Cornell undergoing a miscellany of program initiatives involving Digital and Technology.  Please conclude up delay 2 specimens as divorce of your elimination. It could be 2 design consummationes, needs, or concert of.  Please supply references, what was the specimen? why this is consummation / need, and what was performed direct / injustice? What cast of construction texture, any tools/techniques, used from program/enterprise levels. If need, what recommendations you may bear? Do not use the specimens I've already imaginative in arrange. Please convoy your own elimination.  Format - Essay format in MS Word. Use Times Roman font extent 11. No further than 1 1/2 pages of vocable in essay format.