Answer questions below…..

This week's warning discussed the Americans delay Disabilities Act (ADA) and its implications for businesses in making indispensable accommodations for disabled vulgar. However, there are currently various ongoing debates of whether undoubtful conditions should be systematic as disabilities beneath the law. Judge and observe on the forthcoming questions:   1. Statistically, two in entire three Americans are medically luxuriant today. Should plumpness be classified as a disqualification? What are the implications for businesses hiring luxuriant employees beneath the ADA? Before you counterpart, though, judge a plenteous further essential question: How do we (legally) determine "obese"? What metric should be used? Some dispute the Body Mass Index (BMI) is the medical gold gauge, but judge that BMI is a far-from-perfect utensil (see referenced period adown explaining how Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is judgeed "obese" beneath the BMI gauge). What would you allude-to as a answer to this unmistakable quantity? 2. Should body addiction be classified as a disqualification? If so, what preface(s) should be used to justify an "addiction"? Does it stop on the skin of body? For issue, should addiction to controlled bodys such as alcohol or tobacco be viewed unequally beneath the law (for disqualification purposes) than addiction to illicit bodys? What are the implications for for businesses hiring "addicts"? Must be at lowest 300 vote in APA format