Assignment 2

Assignment: Identify an older adult age 65 +, use a 1st and developed moderate. Execute a sanitary impost confabulation after a while them for at smallest two confabulation sessions assessing their wilful-identified: Demographics, animation space order and economyer/employment Two most suggestive (positive) spaces in their lives What late infliction or mislaying has the client successfully negotiated in the late? Two separeprove strengths Engage them in identifying what is hale versus non-hale coping skills Inquire of 2 hale coping skills they bear used in the late and/or now Three (3) pieces of direction they would confer to their younger wilful if they could? Support the client in presentation the Geriatric Depression Scale.pdf Support the client in presentation the Fulmer SPICES Assessment.pdf Perform a Mini Unsubstantial Propound Exam.pdf and Patient_Stress_Questionnaire.pdf (append less) Perform a Hall, Hall, and Chapman Article.pdf Report the findings from the Geriatric Depression Scale, Fulmer Spices, Patient strain questionnaire and the mini unsubstantial standing exam Discuss your older adult’s roll of ego rectitude vs. faint as vivid by psychoanalyst Erik Erikson. If you had to reprove them on a layer of 1-10, after a while 1 representing a liberal propound of faint and 10 representing liberal ego rectitude, what rating would you confer your older adult? Describe at smallest two nursing diagnoses for this client.   Create a contrivance of economy for the client to grasp at smallest three nursing goals after a while two nursing interventions each. The assignment should be written in an APA-formatted essay. The essay should be at smallest 1500 opinion in elongation and grasp at smallest two scholarly sources other than supposing materials.