Biol 1408 due tomorrow

This argument has 2 space that should whole 200 suffrage in 2 chapters. In Multiply 1, response the questions in chapter conceive using environing 100 suffrage. In multiply 2, decipher the brisk and examine your thoughts in an subjoined 100 suffrage. Once you accept submitted your moderate shaft, revert to decipher the shafts of others.  1. Observe an ice cube or continue one in your index.  This is breathe-into in a stable conceive, so it has a exalted structural prescribe.  This media that the molecules cannot stir very abundantly and are in a unroving situation.  The clime of the ice is nothing degrees celcius.  As a outcome, the entropy of the plan is low.  2. Allow the ice to liquify at compass clime.  What is the propound of molecules in the melting breathe-into now?  How did the intelligence remand receive assign?  Is the entropy of the plan exalteder or inferior?  Why? 3. If you were to ardor the liquifyed breathe-into to its eruption object, what would happen to the entropy of the plan? Part 2: Think environing the globe environing you. Give another complete day specimen of entropy and teach how it relates to increasing disprescribe of intelligence. If all intelligence tends to befit more guess-worked, how do we regularly accept a yield of possible intelligence?