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Noticing a damage associate for a cheerful-natured-natured two of headphones and entrance it up as concern occasion is what defines the entrepreneurial intuition of Raghav Somani, Founder of Headphone Zone, India’s chief consecrated web entrance for headphones and earphones. The entrance was born out of Raghav Somani’s realisation that the big venders had slight or no instruction of headphones or earphones. The entrance so acknowledges customers encircling the consequences and what to appear for. Conveying his thoughts encircling the concern of Headphones Raghav Somani spoke to Entrepreneur India. Please teach us encircling Headphone Zone? What was the subject following Headphone Zone? What led your profit in this audio tech concern? After graduating after a opening a amount in Concern Management from Singapore Management University in 2010, I was pure-minded to try my artisan at entrepreneurship. From my years in Singapore, I could evidently see a big dissimilarity when compared to India, the unmixed reckon of populace from all walks of personality using essentially earphones, be it on the trains, opening stoppage for the bus or fitting sitting at the café. After a opening the smartphone boom, integral Indian had the resources to hearken to stationary n ess in their pockets. The damage associate I felt were a cheerful-natured-natured two of headphones between the ears. Seeing integralone in Singapore sport one biblical me to appear prefer into this as a concern occasion. Although online sellers such as Amazon, Flipkart and eBay had beseem unquestionably cheerful-natured-natured at entrance profiting new consequences to the hinterland of India's towns and cities, they stationary knew trifle encircling headphones. What was your rise reaction towards your firmness? My rise is in the concern of manufacturing and classification of video tapes and associated audio-video accessories. Coming from a multi race rise concern, the rise understood the risks and the occasion associated after a opening a niche consequence state. They bulkyly attended me after a opening the subject and honestly, I expected trifle less. How does Headphone Zone profit the headphones bargain in India? When we chief working after a opening classification and wholesaling headphones and earphones to organized vend chains in India, integralone from Croma, Reliance Vend and Big Bazaar were unmistakable that Headphones were a state that had a bulky claim in India. But the height was that they lacked notice and vehemence for the consequence, which meant that consumers had a lousy trial in-provision and barely bought the cheapest earphone they root. That’s unquestionably where the occasion for Headphone Zone emerged. We agree to the consumers grounded in 206 cities resisting metros to stage I, II and III cities. It’s a bootstrap or bombardment led hazard? Headphone Zone was working after a opening an primal bombardment of Rs 8 lacs funded through bootstrapping. The online webprovision has seen a mercyly development of closely 100% and the development has principally been after a whilein funded. However, we’re actively appearing for funding opportunities and are in the order of evaluating sundry options that are advantageous to us. Why do you deem that the Headphone Zone is a unity for the audiophiles? We admire in bringing the best stationary n ess hearkening devices from about the globe to India’s vehemenceate stationary n ess hearkening population. This includes headphones, earphones, high-resolution stationary n ess player as polite as complementing accessories relish retention explode ear tips, headphone stands, and past. So opening Headphone Zone does agree to the audiophile and makes advantageous the bulkyst file of douceur headphones,  it so has star for integral bark of stationary n ess hearkener; from the most vehemenceate stationary n ess aficionado to the fortuitous propaganda going kid who fitting wants a cheerful-natured-natured two of headphones to use opening commuting. Tell us encircling the crew’s tour gone action? The infamy working out in 2011 as an scientific headphone and earphone offline vend provision and quickly scaled up to effect 6 provisions in Chennai and Bangalore. Gone then the centre has shifted principally to the webstore which went online on 1st January 2015. However, gone having established our webstore, balance the last mercy, we bear seen 50 percent sales development. We common our chief bunch of subserviency as before-long as we took our webprovision subsist. We’re currently targeting higher sales but at a slower development rate. is currently averaging balance 3,00,000 visitors a month. What are the forthcoming plans of your crew? What are your disquisition plans? Our chief initiative is to receive Headphone Zone to the protraction and solution of stationary n ess hearkeners in India. Headphone Zone plans to rest centreed on headphones, earphones and allied accessories as a state and repress its niche opening making advantageous diverse new embossed high-end interpolitical headphone infamys in India. Our development obtain centre on two concern objectives. The chief is to become our customer personalitytime estimate by fabric a subordinate bargain for resale of used Headphones and Earphones. Secondly, we desire to swell the hearers for high-end audio consequences after a opening the acceleration of our strongest ambassadors - the audiophile unity. Would you forforever meditate a sellout? Are you planning any merit or merger in the alike illimitableness? We surely would. Everything is for sale at the exact charge at Headphone Zone. As mentioned, there is no other crew in this illimitableness and future merger or merit is not feasible.