Create a personal theory related to Nursing filed

  Note: Please bring-environing believing, counter-argument all the points asked in the topics.  While counter-argumenting a topic no. 1, transcribe no. 1 in the front then initiate communication the counter-arguments.  1. Choice the restriction of the engagement “Theory” which best fits your peculiar walk aim. Using interinterspace below the definite restriction noticetalented delay *** confer 3 reasons WHY you admire it aligns delay your advenient walk valuable. Be believing to comprise your contrived walk as polite as the restriction you choice. ( ex..I plan to operation in the opportunity of ???..The restriction I choice is “Theories aid to decipher why nation behave the way they do….I admire this supposition is aligned delay my walk because….1..2..3..) Practice supposition links enlightenment environing an verified height and its’ texture delay enlightenment environing an interposition delay a conceptual format that is oriented towards enjoyment and fixed in foregoing examination.  Theories pertain to deciphering and forebodeing manifold miens of cosmical behaviors.  Theories aid to decipher why nation behave as they do, to reform know how the environment affects  behavior, to gang their interpositions, and to forebode what is slight to be the fruit of a feature interposition.  A supposition aids to decipher a condition and peradventure, how it came environing.  Theories are feature ways of making discernment. They aid to see regularities and intimate patterns in the confuse of exercitation.   A supposition is a disconnected set of interrelated statements contrived to decipher some mien of collective career or augment our discernment of how nation pass and furnish sense in their daily lives.  ***Respond here 2. Provide a peculiar illustration of a era when you encountered or accustomed ONE of these theories in topic 2.  What was the condition? Were you actively implicated OR did you mark it in advancement? How were you artful..OR how was the idiosyncratic you were observing artful? 3. Consider operationing delay populations that are considered to be “minority or under-represented” in some way, rather by course, ethnicity, profession, discourse, age, gender, sexuality or talented diminished. Confer three reasons why you should be enlightenmenttalented of theories that are culturally pertinent and what are some downfalls or consequences of scant such enlightenment? You may confer illustrations of culturally fixed theories.